About us

About us

The Aurora Bassmaster Club is proud to be the founding member of the Ontario B.A.S.S. Nation (OBN). Since 1995 when the club formed, a dedicated group of bass anglers have gotten together once a month to "talk fishing" and share a common interest and desire to become better at what they love do... catch bass! However, that may be where the similarities between our club and other fishing clubs ends.

Our Club membership has a healthy mix of well established tournament anglers and some with just a pure a love of recreational fishing and the outdoors. Our chapter's goal is to have fun and help all members increase their bass fishing knowledge. However because we are so much “more than just another fishing club” there are several responsibilities that each member has if they want to be a member of the Aurora Bassmasters.

Just like any one of the 25 odd OBFN clubs across the province, the Aurora Bassmasters are mandated to perform at least one conservation project each year. Traditionally our club has not just completed the one project but also one or two extra simply because of our collective desire to give back something to the resource and our local fisheries. Occasionally, we go the extra mile by partnering with other clubs to help out in their conservation projects as well.

Our current annual Conservation efforts include a Roadside Clean Up project – where we are responsible for collecting four kilometres of garbage on each side of Queenesville Side Road twice every year. The annual Pike Tournament and Transfer we perform at our Spring Pike Tournament on Lake Simcoe is helping to balance the local fish community of nearby Fairly Lake in Newmarket as well as offering additional fishing opportunities for residents. The Bass Tagging Research Project initiated by the club in 2006 in cooperation with the Ministry of Natural Resources and their Community Fisheries and Wildlife Improvement Program, is gaining recognition as one of the most important projects within the entire OBFN.

The Aurora Bassmasters are proud supporters of the "Fairy Lake Urban Fishing Festival" which is held each year on the 1st Sunday after Canada Day in July. At this event members sacrifice a day of fishing for themselves so that they can help introduce hundreds of kids and their families to the wonderful sport they love so much.

We have initiated public campaigns to promote sound conservation practices like "Catch and Release" as well the need to preserve bass spawning during closed seasons. Throughout the year our club hosts "CASTING KIDS EVENTS" around our community that help youngsters learn casting skills and hopefully develop a desire to go fishing with their parents. These and other events like participating in the annual Santa Clause Parade are meant to help grow our sport and demonstrate to our community that the Aurora Bassmasters are “more than just another fishing club”

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